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Business UPS Filtering Systems – Should You Invest in One?

If you are considering purchasing an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) system then this article should help you in making an informed decision. As always feel free to contact us should you require professional assistance in making the correct UPS purchase. Can a UPS actually save the day when there is a supply interruption to your […]

Led Downlights, Flickering & Dimmers

We receive a number of enquiries about flickering led downlights which can become very apparent in some situations and dimmer compatibility. It’s a complex problem that sometimes cannot be fully resolved. Why can’t the flickering always be resolved you might ask? Let’s have a look briefly at the fundamentals behind the problem. The uptake of […]

Energy Consumption Explained – How Many Kilowatts?

As the cost of electricity continues to increase, customers are increasingly raising concerns about the spiralling costs associated with residential energy charges and how to combat the problem. You are not alone when you open your latest energy usage and think how did we use that much power in the last three months? So you […]

The Power Just Went Off – What to Do Next?

We receive a lot of phone enquiries surrounding this particular problem and typically the scenario is more likely to happen in winter months, after hours and at night. The first thing to remember is not to panic but look at what’s happened prior to the situation unfolding. There are two central contributing factors that cause […]